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Dove Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are questions that people frequently ask. General questions about our services, death and cremation and then frequently asked legal questions. Click on any below to view the answer.

Frequently Asked General Questions

What is cremation?
Is a casket necessary for cremation?
Is it possible to place personal items in the casket with the deceased?
What should I do if the death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?
Is embalming necessary?
Are there any regulations on what cremated remains need to be placed in if they are going to be buried?
Are cremated remains allowed to be buried in an existing grave space?
Isn't cremation an end in itself?
What about scattering cremated remains?
How does the cost of cremation compare with burial or entombment?
Are more people choosing cremation today?
Is it advisable to arrange for cremations in advance?

Frequently Asked Legal Questions

The executor may decline to serve
Death Certificates
Do I Need A Lawyer
Bank Accounts
What is a will?
Death without a will
Drafting a Will
A lawyer's role in drafting a Will
When does a will become legal
Contesting a Will
Choosing a Guardian
Children with Special Needs
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